Okay, I’ve been so busy that I forgot that I had this site.  Hahaha!  Might as well start using it again.  I’ve really started working on some projects to teach myself how to paint.  Took some great classes at the animation union under Will Weston.  Here are some samples of artwork I produced out of that class.

Desert Landscape 2

Desert Landscape 1

Day at the Los Angeles Zoo

Spent the day at the Los Angeles Zoo drawing animals with my class. It’s hard when those guys move around. Here’s a couple of animals that sat there and let me draw them. The huge orangutan was kind enough to get really close to the glass (about 1 foot away from me) and he started watching me. The zoo docent told me to show him my drawing since he likes looking at them. I did and he sat and posed for longer..which was cool! His name is Bruno and he’s about 470lbs.

LA Zoo